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Opportunities Taken



A true Cinderella story

At Brookdale, the Rudd family saw opportunity and potential in what was, at the time, an overgrown and under-used area of land in the Paarl Winelands. Tim Rudd, proprietor, acquired the property with a clear vision in mind to create a world-class country estate that encourages the freedom to be curious, to try new things, to test the limits and to pioneer new paths.

Brookdale Estate is the pinnacle of the Rudd family’s passions. Here, Mediterranean varietals, a unique Paarl terroir and unusual winemaking techniques are brought together under the visionary hand of owner, Tim Rudd, and winemaker, Kiara Scott. The first step in this vision – produce fine and interesting wine blends using unusual varietals in a South African context. Before vines could be planted, 67 hectares of alien vegetation and overgrown vines had to be cleared in order to restore balance to the land. Indigenous vegetation and gardens were created in abundance alongside new, thoughtfully planted vineyards.

Brookdale Estate is also home to an elegant Manor House set against a dramatic backdrop of the Klein Drakenstein mountains, a refuge of wellness and tranquillity. We have broken ground on the upcoming restaurant and tasting lounge where you can once again expect the unexpected with menus crafted by Gary Coetzee and tasting experiences that serve to nourish your mind as much as your palate.

Our wines will spark your interest while they dance along your palate. Our guests are encouraged to feel at home in the privacy and elegance of the Brookdale Manor House, while we look after all aspects of their wellbeing. A space to pause and breathe. Joy, peace and tranquillity permeate the atmosphere all around you.

Welcome to Brookdale Estate. Stay curious.


Brookdale Estate vineyards in Paarl


People of Brookdale

Brookdale Estate is a place to come together, to strike up a conversation, and to explore your understanding of yourself and the world around you. You are an important part of our journey. Share your thoughts, musings, feelings and judgements with us. After all, we do what we do for you. Our team is composed of people with experience from all across Africa bringing a wealth of experience and understanding to ensure your needs are not only met, but understood. We defy conventions and strive to push the boundaries of excellence in all that we do. We pride ourselves on personal service, exceptional quality and building long-lasting relationships.

Tim Rudd at Brookdale Manor House in Paarl

Meet Tim



I have set out to create a playground for the curious and a space for experimentation. Our varietals are unusual, our location is outside of the well-known, and our approach is rather unconventional. Brookdale’s wines will be a product of passion, of thought, of the freedom to be creative and of remarkable attention to detail and quality. I couldn’t be more excited.

Kiara Scott, head winemaker at Brookdale Estate, with her best four - legged friend

Meet Kiara



I am one of just a handful of female winemakers in South Africa, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. If I could, I would have roots and grow along the vines. I am here to set an example of the magic that happens when you have passion, are true to yourself, explore your boundaries and push the limits. I am here to disrupt and innovate, and create exceptional wines while I do it.


Meet Yvonne


General Manager

The opportunity to come to Brookdale Estate was serendipitous for myself and my husband, Gary. Here I have found a place to create something new based on my experiences with Singita and a decade of working for Sol Kerzner, discerning clientele, while feeding my passion for personalised experiences and exceptional moments. This is a journey of a lifetime, and I am loving the ride.


Meet Gary


Executive Chef

I have always been someone who shrugs off labels when it comes to my cooking style. I have spent many years working as a private chef as well as managing kitchens across the country, and as a result I enjoy cooking – period. No specific styles, no single ingredients. Thoughtful food – that’s my philosophy – health, wellness and balance in both flavour and nutrition.


Meet Cleophas


Head of Gardens & Landscape

I came to South Africa many years ago from Zimbabwe and fell in love with the unusual plants and diversity of the fynbos floral kingdom. The landscape of the Cape Winelands is vastly different from the agriculture where I grew up, and it's fuelled my passion to work with new plants and gardens, learning what makes them thrive and how to care for them. I hope you enjoy the world we have created and continue to quite literally grow.

Adam Dirkse, or Ampie, in the Brookdale Vineyard in Paarl

Meet Ampie


Farm Manager

I am known as Ampie to all, and I’ve worked in the vineyards for 30years. When I came to Brookdale it was run down with overgrown vines with a virus. It saddened me to see it uprooted and I was determined to bring the Brookdale vines back to life. I look at vines like my children as a parent rears and nurtures their children. I love what I do and enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, seeing them lifted in spirit and knowledge.

Brookdale Estate Wine Sales Manager - Jacus Marais in the Brookdale vineyard

Meet Jacus


Wine Sales Manager

In the last 22 years I have been involved in so many different aspects of the industry from sales, winemaking, bottling, labelling, and driving forklifts to washing the farm dog and babysitting the kids! I love the fact that the wine industry keeps on changing and evolving with no two vintages being the same. I am extremely proud to be part of this passionate team as we create fond memories for all whom connect with Brookdale Estate.

Brookdale estate, paarl , cape town, south africa
Brookdale Estate and vineyard view with flying white bird. Brookdale Estate’s garden team sharing a smile. The Brookdale Manor House kitchen at Brookdale Estate serves homemade breakfast daily

Looking after the planet & its people


Wellness is when balance is restorative, and we take this approach to our vineyards, gardens, wines, food and experiences. When the Estate was first acquired by Tim Rudd, he set about restoring the balance of nature by removing alien vegetation and replanting indigenous plants alongside the vines. The land has continued to blossom with birds and small wildlife are becoming increasingly plentiful.

This philosophy extends to our winemaking practices, kitchens and Manor House. Balance in essential to all that we do in both flavour and creation. Nothing in our kitchens is wasted and we focus on keeping food miles as low as possible with our own organic vegetable gardens, orchards and homemade fare. Our winemaking style focuses on a vine-to-glass philosophy where care must be taken from the root of the vine all the way to the final creation. Each aspect of the Brookdale experience is carefully considered to be low impact on the environment while nourishing the body, mind and soul of our guests.



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