A mother’s love, care and passion seem to be infinite. They are a source of inspiration (and sometimes perspiration) for many of us, protecting us as ferociously as they insist we eat our vegetables at dinner. Whether it’s your mother, a sister, an aunt, grandmother, teacher, friend, or even a colleague, we are grateful for the motherly energy all around us.

Kiara Scott, our winemaker, recently returned from maternity leave and is celebrating her first Mother’s Day this year! We were ecstatic to hear her news when she first told us. As one of the youngest female winemakers managing full production in South Africa, her accomplishments, passion, love and drive know no bounds. We managed to find a gap in her (very) busy timetable to catch up about her new family role, as well as her role within the wine industry. Here’s what she had to say…

Kiara Scott Brookdale Winemaker inspecting the vines

What has been your biggest surprise?

In the wine industry, I learned quickly that ‘wine people’ are amazing. When I embarked on this career, I wasn’t expecting the amount of passion, willingness to help one another, and sense of community I found. The way other winemakers are so willing to help when you need it creates a real sense of family in the industry which I absolutely love. As a new mother I wasn’t expecting to be ‘always on’. I never switch off. You’re a mum on the good and you’re a mum on the bad days haha.


What was your biggest learning curve?

I feel the same way about being a winemaker as I do about being a mum in some regards. The learning never stops. You don’t know everything, you can’t know everything, and I am learning every day. Babys are like vines, they change, grow and develop based on their own innate qualities, as well as their terroir or environment. Both as a mother and a winemaker, it’s my job to create a space to flourish within, to be the best you can be, and to help you achieve all you could be. We learn from each other, and we grow together.


What is your fondest memory to date?


As a new mum, hearing my baby laugh for the first time brought the biggest smile to my face. I look forward to every milestone as a parent, both big and small. I have been very fortunate to travel around the world for international harvests, making connections with other winemakers and teams that I will cherish all my life. No matter which country you find yourself in, the wine community is a fun and crazy bunch, where there’s never a dull moment and lots of memories to be made. I hope to share the world and this community with their passion, love, and friendship with my baby one day as well.


What is your dream?

I hope to see more women, and mothers, who are passionate about wine entering into the wine industry and taking up serious positions throughout all levels of this sector from estate managers to viticulturalists, winemakers, CEOs, Board Members and more. I hope to see women in wine be no longer ‘newsworthy’ because the industry is as diverse and inclusive as the wines it creates. I am achieving my dream in the industry, and I hope for my children that they will excel past all their dreams and aspirations.