The winter months in the Cape Winelands bring snow and announce the time to switch from zesty, chilled white wines to well-rounded reds. It’s a time when the vines go into hibernation, and many people seem to as well. However, even if you’re a ‘summer baby’ and the cooler weather makes you want to curl up under your blankets and await the return the summer sun, there is a lot to winter to explore and enjoy.

Over the past few weeks, chilly mornings have become the perfect atmosphere to get out and get active. Hiking in the heat isn’t that appealing to everyone, and the cooler weather means clearer air for even more spectacular views from the top. Our mountains and nature reserves in the Paarl region, as well as nearby Wellington, make for some of the most incredible outdoor experiences in the Western Cape … and this includes the opportunity to enjoy the snow!

Brookdale Manor House and snow in Paarl

Last week, we all awoke to an incredible sight at Brookdale Estate. The mountains which surround our vineyards were white-capped and magical. General Manager, Yvonne, sent a message to the team with the exciting news:

“Woke up this morning – a little colder than usual. On our way up to work and seeing snowy peaks! It’s the first time our daughter Lilly has seen snow! What an awesome way to start the day. I hope everyone is taking a moment to enjoy the incredible view.”

We also caught up with our winemaker, Kiara Scott, to learn about how the extreme change of weather to snow and ice impacts the vines. And we were intrigued by what she had to say…

“Cold days like this do not have a significant effect on the grapes as the vines are currently in dormancy (aka fast asleep). The cold weather actually helps the vines to stay in dormancy and you want to ensure budburst happens closer to summer so we welcome the snow!”

Enjoy a few of the photos captured by members of our team of the first snow at Brookdale Estate in 2021. Stay cosy!

Brookdale Estate Snow in Paarl 2021

Brookdale Manor House and snow in Paarl