Wellness is when balance is restorative. The concept of ‘wellness’ has ancient roots across cultures and in today’s world, brings together physical and emotional wellbeing in a harmony of healthy-living, self-help, self-care, fitness, nutrition, diet, and spiritual practices. It is an active pursuit of an optimal state of overall wellbeing – and it is never complete. Wellness is a journey of awareness, reflection and action.


Within this pursuit of happiness, there are multiple dimensions. Wellness focuses on prevention over correction, thriving over adequacy, and an integrated approach to life’s many aspects: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental and social. Brookdale Estate in the Paarl Winelands brings together these facets of wellness in a unique combination for healing equilibrium to detox, de-stress and rejuvenate.



Enjoy the freedom and space to think, feel and reflect. Brookdale Estate, with tranquil gardens, elegant interiors and a calming atmosphere, is an idyllic environment in which to simply sit and wonder. Connect with yourself and those around you, write in a journal or try your hand at meditation in the garden. With a clear and calm mind, you are able to better positively impact your social and emotional wellbeing.



Both on the estate, and in the nearby areas of Paarl, Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and Wellington, walks and hikes in nature are abundant (Paarlberg Nature Reserve is a favourite amongst the locals). While a walk or hike can be the physical cleanse you need, you may wish to focus your mind and body together and for this, we recommend a class at the Yoga House in Paarl. This stunning studio combines yoga and meditation for a holistic experience.

Dining at Brookdale Estate is centred around the ethos of nourish the body – nourish the soul. We keep food miles low while taking nutrition and flavour into consideration in equal measure. Created by Chef Gary Coetzee, our dishes are as elegant as they are wholesome. Speak to Gary about your nutritional needs for personalized menus and dining options.



There are many documented health benefits to drinking wine in moderation. The health benefits of wine are especially valuable when enjoying wine with food as it slows down alcohol absorption easing pressure on your liver and increases wine’s cardioprotective effects. You can read more about this on The Wine Spectator.

Red wine offers high levels of anti-oxidants, lowers bad cholesterol, and even decreases the negative effects of free radicals. White wine offers protective qualities for the cardiovascular system, improves metabolism, and bolsters lung function. So during your time with us, be sure to enjoy a hosted winetasting at Brookdale Manor House and enjoy your favourite wines from our ranges at sunset or with dinner. Sit back, relax and enjoy a glass surrounded by the vines where it was grown.



In the comfort and privacy of your suite, enjoy pampering wellness treatments such as massages and manicures. Each pressured stroke eases tired and tense muscles and brings a sense of relaxed calm to body and mind (download our treatment menu).

Santé Day Spa is a stone’s throw from Brookdale Estate and offers an exceptional way to spend a morning or afternoon in pampered bliss. This stunning retreat features extensive hydrotherapy facilities, an indoor heated pool, jacuzzi, outdoor pool, fitness centre with a Yoga & Pilates studio, sauna, and a labyrinth to challenge your mental health as well. A sanctuary to take a moment for self-care, speak to us about the options that will be most suited to your needs.